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Join us twice daily for inspiration, knowledge, and prompts related to the Arts & Appalachia

Our goal is to provide some creative light to these uncertain and challenging times.

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Sharon has been BRAHM’s Business Manager since November of 2017. While Sharon’s job is primarily to manage the museum’s finances and oversee the front desk, her actual tasks go far beyond these responsibilities. At any time, you could see Sharon checking the HVAC system, meeting with contractors, assisting caterers at BRAHM events, or straightening up the gift shop.

We love these artists' drawings and paintings inspired by Edvard Munch's mural "The Sun." They have really brightened our week.

In our exhibit, "Sound Machines: Stringed Instruments of the Capozzoli Guitar Company" we have the rare opportunity to showcase pieces that are both works of art and instruments for creating art. In this program Chris Capozzoli will tell us about a few of his instruments and his friend Jeff Moretz will demonstrate the instruments in action.

Four years ago, we were honored to be able to collaborate with Davidson, NC based artist Elizabeth Bradford and guest curator Carla Hanzal to bring "Elizabeth Bradford: Time + Terrain" to our museum. ⁣Did you get to see Elizabeth's beautiful work in this exhibition? ⁣

Chag aviv sameach to those who are celebrating Passover! We’re pretty lucky here in North Carolina. There are only two permanent museum collections of Judaic ceremonial art in the United States, and one of them happens to be at the NCMA in Raleigh. They feature several highlights from their amazing gallery online--please take a look! Pictured above is a spectacular silver Italian Kiddush Goblet from their collection.

Feeling a little rough these days? Taking time to reflect and connect with the arts can help when you're feeling low. For Curator's Corner today, we thought we'd take some time to reflect on the life of one of our museums' favorites... Elliott Daingerfield (1859-1932). He was a successful artist, but his life was not without hardship.

Draw and paint your own version of Edvard Munch's "The Sun" along with Ms. Jennifer from BRAHM.

We're continuing our extended feature of Branching Out: Works in Wood from North Carolina by highlighting exhibiting artist Erik Wolken and his friend and fellow artist, Robb Helmkamp. These furniture makers and sculptors collaborate on a podcast called "Why Make?" and we encourage you to check it out!

This week’s artist inspiration is late Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. DID YOU KNOW... Munch suffered from a sickly childhood, several losses of loved ones, family illnesses, alcoholism and mental conditions, but used his artistic creations to document his life struggles? He also was one of the millions who was infected by and recovered from the infamous 1918 Spanish Flu.

This week's oral history minute asks us to take a moment to reflect on the incredible people who serve in our healthcare system. Please listen to or read this interview with Gene Ray from Boone, North Carolina. Gene worked as a nurse at Watauga Medical for many years. He shared some stories with us about his time as a nurse. 

Foxfire has recently launched a campaign to collect oral histories via crowdsourcing. The project is collecting self-recorded testimonies from individuals, families, or groups located within Southern Appalachia that captures this unique moment in history.

Steve has been with BRAHM since 2016. Weekend visitors to the Museum will recognize Steve as the friendly face behind the front desk who gives museum information, answers questions, and lends an abundance of witticisms.

Our young BRAHM friends did an incredible job creating Laurel Burch cats and other creative works.⁣ As Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

Western North Carolina has a rich heritage of instrument making that stretches back generations. One of the most skilled artisans was Edd Presnell of Beech Mountain. Edd specialized in making lap dulcimers. In this short film Edd takes us into his workshop and shows us how he made his dulcimers. This short film was made by Thomas Burton and Jack Schrader from East Tennessee State University in 1973.

Here's a throwback honoring Wolf Kahn, an artist that some of you may remember from the exhibition we had back in 2014. Others may also know him from exhibitions you've seen of his work elsewhere.

In honor of our current exhibition Branching Out: Works in Wood from NC, we challenge you to find something beautiful in your home that is crafted out of wood. Share a picture of what you find  and describe what you know about it!

How cute is this?! Our friend Aiden led a Lil' Docent Tour for us, featuring one of the works from our permanent collection. Aiden picked out "The Orange Sail, Venice" by Jane Peterson. Do you engage your kids with the exhibitions while you're at the museum? What kinds of questions do you ask them?

Meeeooowww to kids of all ages! It's time to create! Enjoy this step-by-step guide from Ms. Jennifer as she helps you draw your own Laurel Buch inspired colorful cat!

This week's gallery tour features Paul & Kim Fuelling, a husband and wife team who work in fine woodworking and oil painting from a studio space they call Mabel Studios. Together, they construct a unique, custom built line of furniture, doors, and paintings with an acute attention to detail and craftsmanship. Their aesthetic can be described as rustic with a modern approach to material use and design.

For the final week of Women's History Month we'll learn about the late artist, Laurel Burch. Similar to Frida Kahlo, Laurel suffered from a debilitating disease but persevered and created art continuously through her pain. We know her cheerful paintings from popular art prints, fashion wear and accessories. 

Carol Coulter & Dave Walker of Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture stress the importance of a strong local food system for a healthy body, community, and economy. ⁣

The Rubin Museum of Art in NYC focuses on Himalayan art and culture and offers weekly meditation sessions related to a different piece from their collection. Each session begins with an informative history of the work followed by a guided meditation led by a prominent NYC teacher.⁣

What does it take to deinstall an exhibition? Check out this hilarious video for a "quick" and fun look at the deinstallation process of the exhibition of Sound Machines: Stringed Instruments by the Capozzoli Guitar Company

Mark has been the Facility Manager at BRAHM since 2016. To say that Mark can do just about anything may be an understatement. His many contributions blend seamlessly into the facility, whether it is hanging the Gift Shop sign on the outside of the building, a giant wreath over the front door, or creating smooth, angled walls that appear built-in to a gallery. Mark’s painting and building skills lend uniquely to BRAHM, as does his craftsmanship (he built the bar your cold beverages come from at BRAHM receptions).  

Friday showcase time!! Check out these fantastic works of art from Doodlebugs and some of our Afternoon Art Crew. Well done!

The musicians of western North Carolina are known for their skill. In this video by William Ritter, he highlights and discusses the styles of three Mitchell county guitar players against the backdrop of pre-WWII guitar playing in Western North Carolina.  

Thursday's are for throwbacks! (Right?) We thought we could start the morning off by taking a look at one of our past exhibitions: "Modern Visions, Modern Art: The Cone Sisters in North Carolina."

For today's creative spark, we have three offerings to engage our minds in a productive, creative way. Here are three things to consider, to challenge, and to celebrate. Let us know your thoughts!

Sir BRAHM is no ordinary puppet... he's part of our Education Collection at the museum! He was created by artist Frank Sherrill and is one of several puppets we have by the artist in our Education Collection.

It's time to create! Let's draw a self-portrait in the style of Frida Kahlo. What animals might you consider including in your self-portraits? 

This week, we're highlighting exhibiting artist Brent Skidmore. Watch a brief interview and check out his fascinating work.

As we experience a collective at-home confinement, who better to celebrate than Frida? We hope you will be inspired to create your own self portrait (with or without your pets!) in the style of Frida Kahlo.

In Seth's 16 minute interview, he stresses the importance of the High Country community to the success of his business.

We love a good art challenge so here's a unique one from our friends across the pond... Dutch TV show Tussen Kunst en Kitsch (translates to "Between Art and Kitsch"; similar to our Antiques Roadshow) is challenging folks stuck at home to recreate their favorite classical pieces, using the hashtag #tussenkunstenquarantaine

To continue to connect with our community, we have launched #BRAHMatHome. Featuring a variety of artistic challenges, deep-dives, unique gallery tours, program highlights, and youth engagement, we aim to provide some creative light to these uncertain and challenging times.