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Annual Report

A Letter from the Board President and Executive Director


Dear BRAHM Members, 

We mark another year! This is not just a check mark of completion. We have ended a year of accomplishment, quality, expansion, and expectation. 

The staff are to be lauded for their accomplishments.  This includes major exhibitions from Painting Ladies: the Remarkable Students of Elliott Daingerfield to Thomas Sayre: White Gold to Handcrafted: North Carolina Clay and The Way Watauga Works, to name a few. It also includes Stories, YES!, an outreach project with Bethel School that involved teaching students how to document oral histories, a project which received recognition from the Smithsonian Institute. It also includes the work we do with the Blowing Rock School children on a monthly basis. 

The quality of what BRAHM presents is also recognized.  A person commented that they come to BRAHM for programs they really aren’t even interested in, but they keep coming because they are never disappointed by what they learn and the quality of the programs. They count on the quality. 

Expansion includes growth.  Our most significant growth measure this year was with attendance.  The Board of Trustees’ decision to offer free admission was transformational.  Admissions attendance grew from 4976 people in 2017 to 15,004 people in 2018! And 23,616 people attended programs, exhibits, and events in 2018. 

Expectation looks ahead and plans ahead.  In looking forward, several of our members have contributed significantly to our endowment.  As our endowment grows, we help insure our future.  The larger our endowment, the more stable our museum. Our deep appreciation goes out to those members who understand this and invest in the future of BRAHM. 

Our 2018 Annual Report gives an overview of our year.  It has been a successful year thanks to you, our members. 


Bo Henderson
BRAHM Board of Trustees, President

Lee Carol Giduz
Executive Director

BRAHM Annual Reports

Below you can access BRAHM's Annual Reports and Audit Reports. If you would like a copy of BRAHM's 990 tax return, please call our Business Manager at (828) 295-9099 x 3003 or email at